Advanced Dental Care


“Coming from a checkered background from diving too deeply with holistic and biological dentistry, Dr. Carlsten took my questioning cautious and sometimes misinformed soul and actively listened thought and planned for a year for me to decide on replacing 5 cavities and getting 2 crowns. I have never had a better dental experience under the care of Dr. Carlsten. He is intuitive, sensitive, kind and though trauma informed care is not something they advertise, I would say his approach is not common in the field of dentistry.

From the hygienist who is not only a yoga teacher but plays relaxing meditation music during cleanings to himself, closely attuning himself to pain levels of his patient and reacting appropriately.... which is stopping, providing more novacaine, waiting 5-10 minutes and then resuming work when sensitivity is down. I have found their practice is not a typical dental office. The care and billing is more nuanced and transactional.

He is someone who prides lifetime work over quick decisions. We have had many conversations about billing and purchasing dental insurance and Dr. Carlsten sharing his valuable perspectives. I can honestly say that I have not had a bad experience and that joining this practice has over time felt like joining a family.

I highly recommend him to anyone and to be patient and recognize the true consciousness and kindness which drives this practice.”

SuzD R.

“I have been a patient of Advanced Dental, and Dr. Carlsten for over 10 years. He is a gentle and skilled dentist. The staff? They make the office a welcoming and bright place from the moment you pass through the doors. You are not just a number at Advanced Dental you are treated like a part of the family. I never dread going to the dentist like some of my friends.”

Johanne R.

“EXCELLENT dental care!!! Dr. Carlsten is perfection as a dentist, and each of his staff are extraordinary in their skill set”

Cheryl W.

“Dr. Carlsten has been my dentist for many years, longer than I've stuck with any other practitioner of any kind. Why? He's caring, knows what he's doing, and has the best staff ever. As simple, and as rare, as that.”

Ros J.

“Excellent care and considerate staff, extremely flexible with my scheduling, would highly recommend for dental care in Providence.”

Tess W.

“To preface my review, Lynn and Kerri were unbelievable. Before I even stepped foot in the office, Lynn was extremely helpful. She personally called my insurance company to see if there was any way they could help me with my appointment. When I got to the office, she immediately recognized my voice, and aided me in seeing the doctor as quick as possible.

Before seeing him, I was greeted by Kerri who was extremely welcoming and kind. She answered every question that I had, and made the entire process a pleasure. The doctor was great as well, explaining everything to me clearly and concisely. The appointment was pain free and rather enjoyable. When I went to pay the bill, both Kerri and Lynn helped me find a plan that best fitted my personal needs. They spend over 30 minutes talking to me, and helping me with every problem that I had. I am very grateful that they were able to help me as much as I did.

I recommend Advanced Dental Care wholeheartedly. Hopefully you will be fortunate enough to meet Kerri and Lynn.”

Jj S.

“I knew I was going to just love coming here after I spoke with Lynn, the office manager there on the phone. She was more than welcoming and set up my information prior to me arriving so it was a very seamless process.

The office itself is in a really accessible location, and just felt like it was really well taken care of. I was greeted by Lynn and Keri, who are just the kindest, most lovely women you'll ever meet!

I was nervous about my teeth as I had been experiencing pain. Dr. Carlsten was very kind as well and thorough. He explained my teeth and their status in lingo I could understand and we talked about a treatment plan. They were more than accommodating in terms of explaining my options, pricing plans and my benefit allowances. Keri even took the time to print out what my insurance covered, and gave me the codes to call and ask about to make sure I wasn't setting myself up for a financial disaster.

I can't recommend this office enough, between the fantastic care I received from Dr. Carlsten to the above and beyond customer service from the lovely ladies up front. Thank you!!!”

Leah O.

“Lynn, Keri, Katie, Crystal, Tracy, Ollie, and Dr. Carlsten are the best in the field!”

Victor M.

“Great place to get dental work done! Love the staff, very nice and friendly. Would highly recommend them to all!”

Jao T.

“Excellent dentist and wonderful staff!! Extremely thoughtful and professional. Very happy with them.”

Khyati P.

"The staff is great. Ask for Tracy, she is absolutely amazing. She gets my teeth so clean, is compassionate and professional. Dr. Carlsten’s office is the amazing and Tracy adds incredible value to the place."

Rumbidzai M.

"My favorite dentist, no. My favorite Doctor. Everyone in the practice is amazing. After years of not having a regular dentist I went to Advanced . Everyone there truly cares and helped me restore my dental health."

Kevin D.

"On travel in Providence Rhode Island my molar broke. In searching for a dentist nearby I was so fortunate to find Advanced Dental Care, who made room to fit me in the schedule. Dr. Carlsten (and delightful staff) carefully repaired the molar. Even more impressive was the novocaine shot. I've had a lot of trauma with those shots and not sure how he did it but it was the most painless shot in a dentist office I've ever had. A dental game changer (just wish they had an office in Tahoe) I am grateful to have found such a warm welcoming painless dental experience."

Jacquie C.