Preventative Treatments


We take home care seriously! We are patient and caring in our instruction and education. Then it's up to you! Treatment options range from routine "cleanings" (scaling and polishing) to more involved periodontal procedures that aim to keep even the advanced case from needing surgery.

We are also strong advocates of sealants. These are bonded into the naturally developed deep grooves (pits and fissures) of "baby" and adult teeth. All decay in this area can be virtually prevented. Other interceptive preventive options available might include night guards, athletic mouth guards, snore guards, sleep apnea appliances, fluoride treatments, etc.

Night Guards

Many people have a tendency to clench and grind their teeth excessively while they are sleeping, and most are completely unaware of it. The grinding is not constant; but sporadic and quantitatively significant. Some patients even deny it! For those in doubt, we have a take home monitoring/recording instrument to assess this. A dentist, however, will see evidence of the damaging effects of this tendency during routine examinations, which can include broken or worn facets on teeth as well as periodontal disease and tooth sensitivity.

To help protect teeth from the effects of nighttime teeth grinding (nocturnal bruxism), we can provide patients with a custom fitted acrylic night guard. Night guards are a convenient and comfortable method of greatly reducing the damage caused by grinding. You will sleep much more peacefully.

Flouride Treatments

Fluoride is a naturally present earth mineral that makes your teeth more resistant to decay, can even reverse decay in its early stages, and can reduce sensitivity. The benefits of fluoride treatments are not limited to children. Adults also benefit from the protective effects of fluoride treatments. This is especially true in folks with some gum recession and root exposure. Advanced Dental Care generally applies a fluoride treatment after a dental cleaning when the absorption of fluoride is most effective and the benefit is maximized. We also prescribe a highly concentrated tooth paste for home use when indicated.


Sealants are protection to the grooves of your teeth, which are most susceptible to decay. They are plastic/composite materials bonded into the deep and often microscopic (vulnerable to bacteria) voids of your teeth.

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