Advanced Dental Care

Frequently Asked Questions

Although bad breath can occur from your G.I. tract via the throat, persistent bad breath is usually caused by ineffective oral hygiene or unhealthy gums. Your Dentist and Hygienist can help.

WaterPics can help in stimulating gums, but they DO NOT remove plaque as flossing does. Combining both flossing and WaterPic can achieve great results.

While this was true many years ago, today's technology allows us to treat a tooth only where it needs repair, leaving as much of the healthy tooth intact as possible.

Sensitivity can certainly be caused by decay, but it could also mean excessively worn teeth or exposed roots. Obviously, at any sign of sensitivity, you should see the Dentist.

Bleeding gums are NEVER a good thing. Bleeding usually means unhealthy gums. Your Dentist and Hygienist can help you determine a course of action to help alleviate this condition.

You are protected by a lead apron. Plus – Advanced Dental Care uses the latest technology in low-dose digital X-rays that are even safer than ever.

White restorations are not only more attractive in their natural appearance, but are superior in that they seal and strengthen the tooth due to the bonding process. Silver Amalgam fillings have potentially harmful mercury.

No, in many instances, adults with conditions such as exposed root surfaces (which make them more susceptible to decay or sensitivity) can benefit from fluoride treatments.

We recommend flossing first; but in reality, either sequence is fine as long as you do both meticulously.

Sealants are protection to the grooves of your teeth which are most susceptible to decay. They are plastic/composite materials bonded into the deep and often microscopic (vulnerable to bacteria) voids in your teeth.

Not at all. Most often root canal treatment actually relieves a very painful situation and the procedure is painless. Realistically speaking, the aftermath might be a slight discomfort for a few hours or a day, but most often no pain at all.

No. When there has been gum loss and sometimes accompanying recession, gingival grafting can build up barriers to retard this. Even simple intervention like a night guard appliance can help prevent this.